Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reese Cup Cake

I have been looking for an excuse to make this cake for a while now. I wanted to make it for my daughter birthday since she absolutely loves Reese Cups. Then she decided that she wanted an Oreo cake for her birthday so I decided to make it for my neighbor son birthday.

I used my basic chocolate cake recipe; then I added 3/4 cup of creamy peanut butter to my basic buttercream recipe for the filling and frosting. I also added chopped Reese Cups to the top of the filling and the top of the cake. I also poured chocolate ganache on top of the cake.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Cupcakes x 6 Dozen

This is the burst of sunshine Lemon Cupcake. It is made from freshly squeezed lemon juice along with lemon zest in the cupcake as well as the buttercream. #lemon #juice #zest 

This is the double chocolate cupcake. Chocolate cupcake and chocolate buttercream. The cupcake is very moist. All I can say is "Got Milk".  #chocolate

Everyone loved Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting. 
#redvelvet #creamcheese

The Fun~Fetti Cupcake. It has confetti baked in the batter, in the frosting as well as sprinkled on the top. #confetti

Have you had your Vitamin C? This is the Orange Juice Cupcake. It has freshly squeezed orange juice and zest in the cupcake as well as in the frosting. #orange

The Ebony & Ivory Cupcake. 
This cupcake can be made with either a chocolate or vanilla base then the opposite frosting. As pictured here. #ebony #ivory #chocolate #vanilla

#cupcake #sweetandsavorytastings 

My Moms Birthday Celebration

This year I wanted to celebrate my mother by throwing her a surprise birthday party. I can't believe that she is turning 60 and looks good for her age. I thank God for choosing her to be my mom. She has taught me to be the woman that I am today that no man/father could ever teach.

For her party I wanted her color scheme to be yellow, silver, white and black. If anyone knows my mother she loves bright colors that's why I choose yellow to be the predominate color. I prepped and planned for this event for about a month.

I was going to make my mom a cheesecake cake but she called me one day and said for my birthday I want you to make me a Pineapple Coconut Cake just like my mom used to make. I can never replicate the love that my grandmother put in her cakes but I wanted to give my mom the cake she requested. Instead of myself making the cake I had my daughter do it. This made it even more special for her. This was my daughter first time making a cake. The cake was 12" and three layers. It surely was heavy. But it was also delicious.

I wanted her party to be full of lite bites. On the menu we had three different types of skewers. There was Jerk, Teriyaki and Mango BBQ. We also had itslian and BBQ meatballs. I had boiled corn on the cob and baked beans. For the greens we had ceasar and regular salad. I also decided to dip some pretzels in yellow candy melts. I made cheesecske stuffed strawberries and used the left over cheesecake dip for the grapes.

The party was a success and she cried tears of joy.

Love you Mom.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Birthday Cake

My niece...she's such a silly little character. She turned 4 this year and I am delighted to make her a birthday cake. I made her a 8" two layer vanilla cake with pink, purple & yellow rosettes. I attempted to utilize the colors from Dora the Explorer.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Banana Pudding Cake

Now you can have your banana pudding and your cake at the same time without that guilty feeling of returning to the dessert table twice.  A banana pudding cake gives you this option. The vanilla cake is three layers with the vanilla pudding and bananas as a filling. The cake is frosted with stabilized whip cream and garnished with vanilla wafer cookies. This is what I call a two-for-one type of deal.

The cake does have to be refrigerated due to the bananas being in the filling and made with fresh whip cream.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Banana Pudding

Have you ever wanted to have banana pudding at your event but wanted a classier way to display your desserts...now you can. These dessert cups are cute and can transform your dessert table from blah to gorgeous. With these dessert cups your dessert can be properly displayed showing all of its layers. In this dessert cup there is a layer of crushed vanilla wafers...then a layer of pudding...with a layer of bananas going all the way to the top then finally garnished with whip cream and a vanilla wafer.

A nice ribbon can also be tied around the dessert cup to match any theme.

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Mini Vanilla Bean Trifle

This is a mini vanilla bean cheesecake trifle. On the bottom there's crushed graham crackers then a layer of vanilla bean cheesecake...the dessert cup is alternatively layered with these two components until the top is reached. On the very top there's a dollop of homemade whip cream and slightly mascerated strawberries.

These type of mini desserts are perfect for sweet tables as some may call dessert bar for any event. These little desserts are also perfect for date night.

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