Monday, December 24, 2012

Cookies for Santa Mommy...

This year Santa Mommy had to make her own cookies.  But as soon as the kids had a sense that something was in the oven they came running down the stairs.  This year I knew that I wanted oatmeal cookies but I wanted to be a little different...instead of adding chocolate chips...I added butterscotch chips.  The house smells delicious and the cookies got me on a sugar high :)

 prepared dough...

 nicely placed under the tree for Santa Mommy..
NO...there are no presents under the tree yet...the presents are not wrapped yet and my son is at a age that I don't trust him.  I remember growing up and one year I snuck and opened up my presents early and it just wasn't the same Christmas morning.  The surprise was gone.
Merry Christmas to my fellow readers. 
Enjoy the holidays and time with family and friends.

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