Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Introducing....The Brick House

The Brick House...

While some may call this cake an Atomic Cake; but we at Sweet & Savory Tastings call this the Brick House. It is called the Brick House because it is our only three layer cake at the shop and its stacks up mighty nice. 

A traditional Atomic Cake is a three layer cake...starting with a banana cake base that is topped with a fresh cut of bananas and custard. Next is a layer of yellow cake topped with fresh cut strawberries and whip cream. Then the final layer is a chocolate cake topped with chocolate fudge. Finally, the cake is then iced with whipped cream. 

The "Brick House" starts with a banana cake base that is topped with banana pudding and fresh cut bananas. The middle layer is the chocolate cake topped with strawberries and a strawberry filling. The top layer is a vanilla cake. The cake is filled with whip cream in between cake layers. Finally a layer of chocolate ganache is poured over the top layer of the cake until it spills over onto the sides. The cake is adorned with chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate candy sprinkles.

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