Monday, December 3, 2012

Fresh to Frozen Fruits

I am known to make fruit smoothies on a daily basis.  I use all types of fruits that will taste well together (no more than two to three at a time).  Usually when making my smoothies I am time constricted so at first I decided to use frozen fruit. I found myself buying a bag every two weeks and I got tired of going to my local grocery and they were out of the kind that I would particularly care for. 

At this point I decided to start using fresh fruit.  It turns out that getting fresh fruit and freezing it was much cheaper than frozen fruit.  It is definitely cheaper when the fruit is in season.  This week at my local supermarket the blackberries were $.99 each and the raspberries were $1.25 each.

All I do now is wash the fruit and throw it in a freezer safe bag.


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