Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year...Waffles Two Ways

Breakfast started off late this morning...well lets just say it was afternoon.  I decided to make Bacon Stuffed Waffles as well as a Bananas Foster Topping Waffle. My kids are completely different.  One child don't like cooked fruit and the other will try just about anything. I started off by using my basic Buttermilk Waffle recipe and then just added the ingredients. 

To make the bacon waffles I cooked the bacon in the oven first until my desired crispiness and ruffly chopped it up and placed it in the center of the waffle iron.  Then I added the waffle batter on top and cooked it until the light turned off on the iron. 

For the Bananas Foster Topping Waffles in a medium sized skillet I added 1/3 cup of dark brown sugar and two tablspoons of butter in the skillet until the sugar was melted.  I took the juice of half a lemon and squeezed it in the mixture then I tossed in one sliced banana.  I then added one teaspoon of vanilla extract and one tablespoon of brandy(optional). Cooked the bananas foster for an additional minute and topped it off on the waffles.  It's like having dessert for breakfast.

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