Friday, January 4, 2013

Maple Flavored Whip Cream

My aunt made some of her infamous sweet potato pies (recipe passed down from my gma). Whenever she makes these pies she always make at least 10 and freezes it.  My daughter asked for a pie and we brought one home.  After the pie defrosted we popped it in the oven and OMG... I was speechless. To top it off...I made some maple flavored whip cream as a topping with a hint of nutmeg.

 After I learned how to make whip cream I have never bought any again.  It is so simple and easy.  Three ingredients is all you need.  Heavy Whipping Cream, Powder Sugar and whatever flavoring extract you would like to use. Add the ingredients to a mixing bowl.  Whip the mixture on high until peaks start to form and you are done.

Maple Flavored Whip Cream
-1 cup heavy whipping cream
-2 tablespoon powder sugar
-1 teaspoon of flavor extract (your choice of flavoring)

***OPTIONAL..Add Liqueur instead of the extract for an adult experience***

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